Dietary supplements for everyone

Do you live a healthy and active lifestyle? You would like to get rid of bad eating habits, but you do not know where to start? If so, we have the perfect solution for you! Our experts have created a series of herbal-fruit teas that will help your body in everyday struggles, perfectly complementing daily menu. Dietary supplements designed by BELiN are not just the answer to the current “fit” trend, it is a response to more conscious consumer choices.

VITA TEA is a perfect combination. On the one hand, you can enjoy a delicious brew, and on the other hand, enjoy the benefits of specially selected of the highest quality herbs and fruits. So both your senses and the body will be grateful for this choice.

Have you ever wondered how much time we devote to food over our lifetime? Every day we eat three, four, and maybe even five meals a day. Add to that fruits, snacks, sweets and drinks. Thousands of books and guides have been written about proper nutrition. One thing is certain: our digestive system works almost constantly. It is obvious that sometimes it rebels and cannot cope with all challenges. Herbal-fruit tea FOR GOOD DIGESTION is the first aid in this case.

For years herbs have been known for their properties supporting the functioning of the digestive system and we closed hem in teabags. After the, Our grandmothers reached for infusion of mint, marjoram or thyme as a solution for abdominal pain or digestion problems. Our mix also includes coriander fruit. The essential oils contained in it are used during bloating, by adding them to dishes or drinks. Dandelion may also help, which cleanses the body of unnecessary substances, stimulating diuresis.